Evolve~Love~ lets get this show on the road!

©Reina Cottier 2012.

Im back! WOW been so busy up to Xmas, during and then New Years… it been a time of visitors, both expected and UNexpected, its been very social and fun, but the downside is….no painting-too busy!

How is everyone??????? Good holidays?

So finally got some space yesterday to finish, or at least head toward finishing some pieces…. its a good feeling to pick them up one by one and either completely change, or edit hugely, …or tweak a little just to complete.

First up: above ‘Evolve/Love’ I started this one about a month ago and it only took an hour to do most of it. My partner had helped to  demolish the interior of a shop (he is a painter) and had come home with the perspex letters that made up the shop sign. Of course, what is an artist to do???!!!! 🙂 Id had this idea for a while and just hadn’t got around to making ym own stencils, so was very excited to be able to unwrap a big cnavas and had it as something like a statement, rather than a little squeak. I dont do small very well, Most of my paintings are at least 24″ x 30″ or larger. This one is bigger than that.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. You cant see very well but the heart has some beautiful stencil -and hand painted- detail in it with a washed white, to really punch it out, and the top of the heart has gold sprinkles with the green and yellow. This photo does it NO justice. its way more intense and bold in real life. Almost finished.

©Reina Cottier 2012.

Ok, remember this? so this one i have chopped and changed alot. Im getting there, also enjoying it, but not with my usual ‘lightening speed’ power painitng style, this one has purposely been a more ‘careful’ process, one that i have (unusually) considered and pondered, in a most loving way too LOL! sounds weird, but if I like a piece of anyones art, incl my own, a little part of my falls in love with it.  🙂 Its not finished, nearly there.

©Reina Cottier. 2012.

ok, so this one… i love the colours together!!! something really soothing for me, a cathartic process, couldn’t get it to this stage fast enough, from memory did this in one hit, took about an hour and half, maybe a bit more-used the fan heater to dry the layers in between, dont think i cooked dinner that night- too engrossed. Not finished. Still have to edge the cream shapes with a darker colour and define them against eac other as some of them overlap.

©Reina Cottier 2012.

this one! (not finished) this sat in my studio at the very back of the pile for a year, as a background of red, grey and white cloudy looking shapes. Could NOT decide for the life of me what to do with the dam thing…. then POW out of the blue the other day… got it! It was ‘courage’, thats what i got! I need the GUTS to just do something, anything over this background, i literally need to throw some paint at it and see what happened. I love my planetary, cosmic, galaxy thing i have made! still a ways to go…. but yeh… Reina’s world.

Phew! been meaning and wanting to get in here for a long time,..have missed it. So am kidless this weekend, going to paint some more today and start another…. will be back  with up dates

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday break! Love to all… xxxxxxxxxxx

4 thoughts on “Evolve~Love~ lets get this show on the road!

  1. Love the gradation of light and color in the “Evolve/Love” piece. Took me a second to figure out what was going on the backwards “e”, but when I got it, I thought, “Oh, *brilliant*.”
    I like the direction the courageous cosmic piece is going, as well. Sometimes you get great stuff when you just jump in.

    1. 🙂 thanks! yes I really wanted the (backwards) ‘love’ to stand out, so made that area esp bold…but also wanted it all to blend and flow into the whole painting… so my background had to be planned, ..so not something im used to , but hey… it worked.

      Jumping in and ‘going for it regardless’ has to have produced some of my best stuff i think.. such an enjoyable ride too.

      thx for your comments, always appreciated! xx

  2. Love it! I totally understand what you mean about being careful and loving some pieces (been there). And I love the last one! Yes, some of the paintings do just need courage to “throw” some paint on it! I feel like if we don’t do that we can’t get past that point and get anything accomplished! I love where it’s going! can’t wait to see the finished paintings! 🙂

    1. hi G, 🙂 and thankyou so much! totally agree, getting ‘past that point’ can be a real stumbling block if I let it… depends on my ‘courage for the day’.. and then I think i just get so sick of looking at the same old piece, i think, “aaah what the hell, may as well!” A bit ‘nothing to lose’ type attitude. Again, has served me well.

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