Just a quickie!

just fininshed this and wanted to post it up cos i love it! ADORE reds & teals/blues together!!!! SO this is acrylic on canvas with layers of varnish in between each layer, started off with some of my stencils to get the bigger more sweeping shapes, tehn layered it up with all shades of read and orange, with sprinkles of mustard and blues/purples…. more varnish, and then stenciled the finer detail on top for the final effect.

                                                 © Reina Cottier 2012


WOW, January almost over! and month 2 of 2012 is about to begin…. kids back to school, and that only means ONE thing in this house………….more painitng! YEEHAR!

Go well friends, xxxxx

6 thoughts on “Just a quickie!

  1. I absolutely love your mystical, soul-full, feminine work. My favorites are the ones that are totally original because they come from somewhere deep inside of you & resonate with the viewer. It’s like your heart speaks to ours. Can the same level of intimacy be accomplished with stencils? They are pleasing to look at but have a very different feel to them.

    1. I hear what you are saying, there is a ‘skipped step’ in a way with the stenciling…. where as the painting with brush from beginning to end has a certain flow to it which allows for something a bit deeper in a way.So agree, the stencils have a completely different feel and not quite as ‘soulful’… having said that,, the sense of satisfaction I get from each is completely equal in level,..but different in feeling. Thanks so much for your comments i love them!

  2. what can I say Reina that I already haven’t stated about your art….oh yes, I too love red and teals and this piece is absolutely sending me some fantastic vibes!! I keep thinking those are lace curtains and Im looking out my window and see these beautiful sunsets and just want to lay in my bed and stay for the longest time its just so peaceful…..xoxo

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