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Mermaid by Reina Cottier
Mixed Media Mermaid sitting on a rock, by New Zealand Artist Reina Cottier

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June 29 2017
here are 3 paintings in ink I am currently working on, they are Peru inspired with mountains, flowers, jungle, moon, winged Goddess….. love the mysteriousness of the dark against the bright colours,  obsessed with inks at the moment. 🙂

                                                                   ©Reina Cottier Art


Here are some of my works,
featuring art I have created in the latter half of 2016- 2017.
I will be updating this page from time to time with works as they are created. 

Everything here has sold. If you are interested in my art, please contact me using the “Contact’ tab above, or go to ‘Buy Art’ above to see prints and other options.

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2 thoughts on “LATEST WORKS –

  1. Wow….You’ve embraced the animal world for now and with vivid colors. Wonderful! They are beautiful. It’s fun to watch what direction you go in….Keep on Reina…Well done! VK 🙂

    1. hi, thank you! Its been so much fun, so freeing to delve into that world… its not what i will ONLY do, but it adds a whole new dimension (literally!) to my works if i want to have that inspiration. 🙂 Hope yr having a great week!

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