2 thoughts on “Owl Painting – Reina Cottier Art

  1. Oh Wow! You did it! How magnificent it is….It looks like a warrior owl…Ready to do battle. Great job Reina 🙂 I am not surprised it sold fast but that fast? You are getting really good at this….Keep them coming. May I suggest painting some light beings with radiant shades of color…People or creatures of this new world of light we are creating…Thanks for the owl….Blessings…VK

  2. thank you!! yes, I have considered light beings , but ‘human’ form is something i am just not comfotable with, or good at, for that matter LOL! Maybe some abstract type version….? hmmm, ill see what evolves over the next while, I have done 2 paintings of ethereal wings *will post up soon) that were very popular on my FB page, and it made me think perhaps i should go down that route and start doing light beings or similar …. anyway…. we’ll see what happens, … always love your feedback and such, thank you, so much love >>>>> xxxxx <<<<<<<<<

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