Other ‘life’ stuff has meant that this online offering has had t take a back seat for now,
until I have more time to dedicate to the full process of
not only filming each segment,
but editing and putting together the best final result. 


These will be short ‘bite sized’ workshops, probably online 20-25 mins long,
priced accordingly,
that will give you the tools & inspo to go and create something that is uniquely you. 🙂

Please use the contact form below (or in the Menu above) to send me your email if you would like to be added to the list , to be updated with these tutorials.
worry I promise I wont spam you with anything else!

Love to hear from you if you are interested!



Art Business Coaching online sessions & consultations - Reina Cottier Art

With almost 30 years of self employment (in 4 businesses) under my belt, I’ll share with you how I made my art my business using Social Media, (and other online sites) & how I increased art sales online with a relatively small following, and then built that following up with genuine, authentic input. How I built a global following (from New Zealand) and that translated into regular art sales across the world.
Also, how to make the most of the followers you do have,
rather than constantly trying to gain more.


Make art your business

Testimonials below (scroll down)

Skype, FaceTime or any app that gives us good video calling, can be used for these sessions. Let’s find a time that suits us both and I look forward to connecting with you!

If you feel like you would like to dscuss this more, or want to know pricing please use the Contact form below.

Feliz aniversário, meu amor! Que possamos comemorar esta data por muitos e muitos anos.


“Ive attended two of Reinas workshops now on social media and promoting business and found both to be very valuable.  Reina clearly understands how to use social media and gets her point across simply and effectively with practical examples which are relevant to someone running a business and not someone who has a fascination with the inner workings of Facebook or Instagram for the sake of it.
As a working artist who relies heavily on social media I would definitely  recommend her sessions”
-Ian Preece-Trustee (Chairperson) Mercury Bay Art Escape
I have had 2 Skype sessions with Reina now, on developing my art into a business. I have got so much out of it, I started knowing very little about the business side and how to market myself in an effective way. Reina showed me how to do this in a time and cost effective way.  I love how she is real about the struggles, gives relevent info according to where you are at because she has been there. It was easy, enjoyable and loved connecting with her. Thank you Reina!
Maia- Canada
“MY ART WILL BE DISCOVERED.” If I keep working in my studio someone will discover me. No they  wont!!!. Exposure equals success. Reina will be able to walk you thru the ins and outs of online marketing, & building your presense in an ever increasing online art world. Reina has inspired  me to learn more about  what I need to do to make this all happen, and with her support  I have  been successful with online selling and advertising.” 
-Wendy Walls- Artist