Reina Cottier ~ Creative Intuitive

June 9th 2013

Hi there :)  and welcome to my Website / Blog

I am a professional artist based in Tairua. New Zealand.

Born and raised in Aotearoa/New Zealand. I currently live in a coastal town, the majestic mountains on one side, a surf beach on the other.
I have been painting for about 7 years. I studied art right through school winning many awards, but gave it up to become a hairdresser, and have children eventually. After my kids were both at school I took up painting and found an avenue for expression that was previously undiscovered inside of me.
Right from the start I was drawn to, even obsessed with, painting themes strongly associated with different cultures, particularly Maori & Pacifica, along with sun, surf, nature. I found the koru was a prominent feature that emerged in almost all my paintings whether I consciously put it there or not. It became my feature symbol in most of my artworks, along with strong ‘ocean’ themes, which evolved into oceanic creatures, especially since moving to Tairua.

Unconventionally, I made a conscious decision, because I was a busy mother, not to do exhibitions and galleries etc, I decided to market my art online only, and so spent time setting up a website, blog, Facebook page, etc. Immediately my art proved to be popular (I currently have over 10,000 fans on Facebook & double that for Twitter). I post ‘in-progress’ pics on FB every day, and this generates alot of interest and chat between myself and those interested in my art. Often my paintings will sell before I have finished them.🙂

I have been described as prolific. I have at least 6-8 paintings on the go at once, finishing at least 2 a week. My art is constantly evolving along with myself, I am forever stretching myself, taking risks, trying new themes and techniques. I paint at least 5 days a week and love each and every minute of it.

All my social media links are In the menu at the top, or below the posts in the footer of my site.  I spend most of my time on my FB art page, where I can interact with people/you more easily, I love meeting new people and building on those relationships.  I am not an ‘insular’ artist, connection with people is just as inspiring and important to me as creating.🙂

Thank you.
Reina Cottier.

Ps- all my art is  ©Copyright Reina Cottier Art. All rights reserved-  please, if you want to share it, do so with my name credited alongside it.
 Many thanks for your respect.
 ~ Reina ~


10 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Reina! Happy 2012 to you. Just www browsing on this special morning and stumbled across your beautiful work! And I love the way you describe your process, which is exactly how I feel – I’ve just started experimenting with paint and other medium on canvas and am now even more inspired! I’m off now to look at your website and hopefully be able to order a calendar or 6 (for friends!!) 🙂
    Mari x

    1. hi there Mari! and thank you so much, a very HAppy New year to you too.🙂 So glad i could inspire you in some way, fab! Hey, tell me if my calendar is not what you are wanting, I can custom make a calendar of any 12 pieces/images of my art for you, takes me just a few mins and you just order online at Zazzle. I have done this for quite a few people, either with the word art, or the paintings, or both!🙂
      lovely to connect, keep me posted with your art!!🙂 x

    1. Hey Kelly, thankyou for this!!!!!! (Im so busy right now, dont know which way is what…so I will get around to doing all these things once the bulk of my commissions are complete, and the school holidays are out of the way! lol!) MANY thanks indeed. Very much appreciated.🙂 xx

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