Finished Works

Moon Goddess

©Reina Cottier Art (now sold)

Finally finished Tribal moon Goddess. Phew.
That is the first face I have painted and, whilst I got the shape ok, the shading was a different story altogther.
Very happy with how she turned out, I didnt want her to look real, but I did want her to have a realness about her essence.

Moon Butterfly ©Reina Cottier Art (now sold)

This one also finished. One of my faves actually.
Not sure why, I think its the magical dreamy quality about it, it just feels  good for me to look at 🙂

duo wall bob
a lovely NY collectors 2 paintings he bought from me, a dolphin & a whale.
I think they look great together.

©Reina Cottier Art

Whale 4 sig

©Reina Cottier Art

I have so much more to load up, I will be back!

Autism Ribbon Butterfly Commission :)

I got asked to do a commission by a lovely family with an autistic son 🙂 I was honored to be able to do this and so enjoyed the whole process. She asked me to do a butterfly (Reina style) with the autism ribbon as the body. She sent me a couple of photos of the type of styles she like. I knew this painting was going to flow, because as soon as I went to sketch it, it literally flew out of the pencil onto the paper, the first drawing was the one I went with, and then immediately started on the canvas with paint. I want a warm toned nuetral-ish background, so it wouldn’t ‘fight’ with the butterfly and ribbon which I knew would be extremely colorful and bold. So I chose a soft mustard, caramel colour and made it lighter at the top going deeper at the bottom, this so, again, the intensity of the darker butterfly wings would not get lost in the background. Below is a series of shots from go to woe… the client and I are both thrilled with the result, the pics actually do it no justice but I just cant capture the colours true to tone on my camera, the blue is really blue, turquoise is very turquoise, etc.


Ta daa! 🙂

Final varnish and posting on Tuesday 🙂

Kids gone for a week with their Dad, so I am in the studio for 7 days…. BLISS…

back with more later…


Nothing finished, 3 more started….

I got 3 more commissions this week, AND had already started some other paintings, for fun, so I have a whole pile of unfinished art at the moment, and lots of ‘endings’ to do. It IS like a story, a beginning a middle and an end. They are all calling out to me, and time is just not stretching far enough at the moment. Doesn’t help  that i decided to spend 2 weeks celebrating my birthday , and it doesn’t help that I have had the most ridiculous chest infection that has amounted to nothing and something all at the same time- *sigh*. just this silly little ‘cough, cough’ every 2 minutes, grrrr! Its FINALLY exiting my system, so next week (let s just relax this weekend with lots of lying around doing nothing- something Im not very proficient at) I will be back into it, fully committed and CREATIVELY OFF THE PLANET!

Painting for fun #1 below: (not finished)

(c) Reina Cottier

#2 is a similar one to another I did about a month ago and it sold before it was finished, I enjoyed it so much I did another one: (unfinished)

#3 Going back to my basics and REALLY happy to be doing that, finding myself again with my shapes and tones and shades, …makes me feel good: (unfinished)

There are more, but I dont want to overload the senses lol!

So I have 5 or 6 commissions to complete, ive now lost count, but never fear, I have it written down somewhere, and actually will refer to it at some point. The commisions I am doing are really exciting for me because they are people who I know well, and there is an ease and a flow about creating something for someone when you have that connection.

Next blog post will hopefully be some finished works!



Skite time! I thought, since all I have been doing is packaging up paintings to ship away, I would take 5 mins to have a ME moment and share all my sold paintings in the last 2 months!Its been an abundant time in my on all levels, (there is actually one more, that I dont have a pic of, another commission that I took to Australia.)

(c) Reina Cottier 2012

      (c) Reina Cottier 2012

(c) Reina Cottier 2012


(c) Reina Cottier 2012


                 (c) Reina Cottier 2012

(c) Reina Cottier 2012

(c) Reina Cottier 2012

(c) Reina Cottier 2012

(c) Reina Cottier 2012

…and I have another commission to start in the next week or so.


Just a quickie!

just fininshed this and wanted to post it up cos i love it! ADORE reds & teals/blues together!!!! SO this is acrylic on canvas with layers of varnish in between each layer, started off with some of my stencils to get the bigger more sweeping shapes, tehn layered it up with all shades of read and orange, with sprinkles of mustard and blues/purples…. more varnish, and then stenciled the finer detail on top for the final effect.

                                                 © Reina Cottier 2012


WOW, January almost over! and month 2 of 2012 is about to begin…. kids back to school, and that only means ONE thing in this house………….more painitng! YEEHAR!

Go well friends, xxxxx

The one that eludes me….

argh! lol, this piece has just not flowed at all…every single addition i do has something about it that simply does not sit right with me, and i have to laugh because for only the 2nd time, i took  some inspiration for this painting from another painting i saw on the net, (no its not a copy, its foundations lie in another painting) so its not something that has been ‘birthed’ from me entirely, (this is where i suspect the problem lies), and it has stopped and started a hundred times and i have loved and hated it more than a hundred times. I am now in limbo, i cant decide if my latest additions/edits/alterations have improved it, or made it worse….. surely its a little better??????? hmmmmm, too busy at the top, no, gawd I cant even get a grip on what i feel about  it. I thought when i started it i wanted to do a really busy fussy painting with lots of flourish and grandeur, but the more i go that way, the LESS i am enjoying it and am finding i am wanting to, and keep simplifying it after i have detailed it…… I AM going to go on with it though, nup- i dont paint over entire paintings easily, that really IS last resort material… no..i will carry on with the lighter areas and try to marry it together somehow, and see how it goes ….

Luckily i have other things on the go, and about to start another painting, only ‘prob’ is there are wayyyy too many ideas not enough canvas, paint or time. if i had all those things i would have no less than 15 on the go at once, and be in my element!

In other scintillating news 😉 My kids LOVED their paintings, and im going to sell prints of them, in fact will most likely do a whole range of kids paintings based along the same type of theme.

Opened up an online shop with Fine Art America and sold something (TWO things actually!) within 2 days of registering! YEEHAR!

‘Moon’ is still all but done… I am still emotionally attached, and need to detach just a tad to move forward with it… sounds weird but i know what i mean 🙂

My Word Art is rockin along nicely,

oh and……thanks for all the support people ,  its awesome!

have a great week!!!

Kids painting #2 almost done….

This one for Miss 7, is about 80% there, (Miss 5’s  is done). They get back from a week away tomorrow, and I will have both paintings ready for them…cant wait to see their faces! I think I will be more excited than they will be.

Almost there…..

continuing on from the 2nd ‘heart I would never paint’*rolls eyes @ self*, here is the second attempt at something that I would still call abstract, but a tad more commercial. 

Surprisingly, Im actually LIKING my heART yet again! *falls over in a shocked heap* Its not finished, but Im almost there, I can feel it, Im also quite happy with my ribbons-never done them before. 

Its really quite strangely satisfying to be painting this sort of thing, I really thought it would never ever happen, but Im so pleased I decided to investigate this avenue. 🙂

Have about 6 pieces on the go at the moment, and they are all quite different from each other, the separate entirely different aspects of me are definitely being expressed, no two ways about it.

My moon (featured in previous post) is beckoning me everyday, but i want to be certain about the next step on that one….so just waiting for my moment. Then i will need a clear path, good music & glass of gwertz. 🙂

© Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

~Magical moon~ work in progress……

Acrylic on Canvas….(with a touch of gesso)…

Have wanted to paint a BIG FAT FULL MOON for absolutely AAAAAGES! Inspiration for this comes from where we have gone for holidays since i was 13 (and thats a looooong time, many many moons and then some lol!), a beautiful seaside town in New Zealand, on the Coromandel Peninsula called Tairua. *sigh* soooo gorgeous, layered mountains full of crystals on one side and the deep turquoise ocean on the other. The full moon at night there is sublime, because there are no city lights to dull her glow, her shine. AND the weather is often clear, so combine the 2 and it really is more than a sight to behold. MAGICAL!

I painted the background jet black to start, then used a mix of gesso and paint (mainly paint) to paint my moon. I used a brush and a sponge, (dabbing the sponge with tones of whites & yellows, and a dab of orange), I wanted that slightly stippled effect to give that crater surface from a million miles away look…keeping an upward swipe of flat, straight up the middle of the moon, which is where i am going to have ?????? undecided actually, most probably a plant/fern/native NZ flora of type of thing.-abstract of course 🙂

Warning: this could change at any given time, I am more than likely to toss it aside for a month and look at it every day with disdain, till I am thoroughly and utterly passionate (not just “yeh that’ll do”) about what is to have the foreground ‘prime’ position. It has to be interesting enough to be eye catching, but not SO much so that it steals the limelight from our leading lady, Luna.I will have some other detail somewhere, but it will be incidental i think, not a ‘lead role, hardly supporting either, ..more ‘cast as an extra’.

so… watch this space….. could happen tomorrow, maybe even tonight if the mood strike me, yes, i have been known to leap out of bed at 11.30pm, grab wine and bikkies, and head out to the studio to ‘do something very important’ just so i can sleep… when there is an idea/creativity bursting to be expressed there really is NO holding it back, it has a life of its own and i become the mere tool of getting it onto the canvas. Thrilling!!!!!!!!!

Venus sky

Acrylic on Canvas board– © Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

LOVE this!!! Did the background months ago, and knew it wasn’t complete, but had to wait and feel the right thing to go with it, had no idea what it was going to be till it just happened. The cord flowed around on the canvas board like magic, it was painted and finshed after that, in about an hour.

There is a softness, yes strength i was attempting to convey, I hope i have achieved this. 🙂

Flow of Life

Acrylic on Canvas- © Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

A total JOY to paint this! It literally flowed out from within, was done in lightning speed, something that easy, that flowing that enjoyable is not a long laborious process. 🙂 Its thrilling when a piece comes together like this, literally no ‘thought’ what so ever,..all just heart/intuition/hands and paintbrush.

Once again, flowing beautiful shapes and colour, blend of colour is my inspiration.

Was sold before it was finished.

Angelic flow

Acrylic on Canvas- © Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

a moment in time,