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April 10

©Reina Cottier Art 2015

this is a bit of something different from me.
mixed media for a start, decided to use some stuff i havent touched for a while so dragged out my old stencils, some spray enamel paints and some pastels.
Ive been reasonably ‘disciplined’ the last few months with the Mercury Bay Art Escape studio tour,
but now that that is over,
I  let myself just do what ever i wanted with no plan or thought, no agenda, nothing.
First of all a bright coloured background with all my favourite tones and shades,,,
and incredible urge, probably carrying on from my scared geometry pieces, to draw some circles, random placing, didnt matter as long as it felt ‘right’ when i looked at it….. then some stencils with spray paint….

Ive been working on it on and off for a few weeks now, and ONLY picking it up when i feel like i really want to do something on it, not because i need to, have to or because there is nothing else.
SO its had a dedicated purpose, its been unfocussed focus.

Sometimes i spend 2 hours on it, sometimes 5 mins and Ive had enough.
Its big, about 40″ x 36″, and i know, i do my best work on ‘big’. (not REALLY big tho…yikes, i had a commission the size of a dining room table once, it was like a workout everytime i worked on it, phew! lol!)

anyway… i dont know how close to ‘finished’ i am, might be tomorrow, might be in 6 months… will keep you posted. 🙂

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Autism Ribbon Butterfly Commission :)

I got asked to do a commission by a lovely family with an autistic son 🙂 I was honored to be able to do this and so enjoyed the whole process. She asked me to do a butterfly (Reina style) with the autism ribbon as the body. She sent me a couple of photos of the type of styles she like. I knew this painting was going to flow, because as soon as I went to sketch it, it literally flew out of the pencil onto the paper, the first drawing was the one I went with, and then immediately started on the canvas with paint. I want a warm toned nuetral-ish background, so it wouldn’t ‘fight’ with the butterfly and ribbon which I knew would be extremely colorful and bold. So I chose a soft mustard, caramel colour and made it lighter at the top going deeper at the bottom, this so, again, the intensity of the darker butterfly wings would not get lost in the background. Below is a series of shots from go to woe… the client and I are both thrilled with the result, the pics actually do it no justice but I just cant capture the colours true to tone on my camera, the blue is really blue, turquoise is very turquoise, etc.


Ta daa! 🙂

Final varnish and posting on Tuesday 🙂

Kids gone for a week with their Dad, so I am in the studio for 7 days…. BLISS…

back with more later…