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April 10

©Reina Cottier Art 2015

this is a bit of something different from me.
mixed media for a start, decided to use some stuff i havent touched for a while so dragged out my old stencils, some spray enamel paints and some pastels.
Ive been reasonably ‘disciplined’ the last few months with the Mercury Bay Art Escape studio tour,
but now that that is over,
I  let myself just do what ever i wanted with no plan or thought, no agenda, nothing.
First of all a bright coloured background with all my favourite tones and shades,,,
and incredible urge, probably carrying on from my scared geometry pieces, to draw some circles, random placing, didnt matter as long as it felt ‘right’ when i looked at it….. then some stencils with spray paint….

Ive been working on it on and off for a few weeks now, and ONLY picking it up when i feel like i really want to do something on it, not because i need to, have to or because there is nothing else.
SO its had a dedicated purpose, its been unfocussed focus.

Sometimes i spend 2 hours on it, sometimes 5 mins and Ive had enough.
Its big, about 40″ x 36″, and i know, i do my best work on ‘big’. (not REALLY big tho…yikes, i had a commission the size of a dining room table once, it was like a workout everytime i worked on it, phew! lol!)

anyway… i dont know how close to ‘finished’ i am, might be tomorrow, might be in 6 months… will keep you posted. 🙂

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Busy busy!

How I managed to make it in here today, I do not know! To say I have been busy would be a huge understatement and I’ve been trying to get in here to post something up for about a week now. YES I HAVE AN EXCUSE :)… travel, kids birthday, school holidays. AND I have decided that going away glamping (glamour camping) with the kids is more hassle than its worth, …2 days away = a weeks laundry, clean up, put away all the STUFF. ugh. So here we are one week to the day from being back, and I am still putting away sleeping bags properly and washing out chilly bins. Camping yes, ..with kids NO!

TIME, id love a little more time please.

OK, first up, trip to Sydney to deliver the commission went really well!! SUPERB. I stayed with my aunt and uncle with a spectacular view of sydney harbour, incl the bridge, the city and the Opera House… had a wonderful time.

I havent been able to paint anything since then until yesterday,… I finally was able to do some more on one piece and start another.
here is the one I have started:

I have wanted to do a ‘light’ design on a dark background for ages, but kept distracting myself mid THIS time I was committed to the result.. even though its no where near finished, I am rather pleased with the direction its headed in, I like the slightly misty/night/moonlight/snow? feel it has… sort of ‘Narnia meets Twilight’…

I thnk, if I look back, I took ALOT from this older one below, which developed into the idea for the one above:

and the other one I have added to is this:

this is a cropped piece of the actual painting (see last blog entry), I have added some detail.

I am finding my style is mutating now into something that, instead of swinging around and trying lots of different styles I am (subconsciously) blending all my styles into one. I suppose this is a natural progression, I have to say, it feels really satisfying!

In other news, I have been asked my if they can feature my art. 🙂 So I spent an hour last night filling out the interview… typical me, as I started, I was stumped…what to say??????? how to say it? Then.. the floodgates opened and I couldnt stop! Haha. I told Graham he was more than welcome to edit out anything he wanted, but he seemed ok with it, so thats good!

My Zazzle shop is going well, surprisingly so actually, and its a real pleasure to hear that every single person that has bought something from there, has told me they are really thrilled with the product. So, YAY!!!

I have been asked to Jury 2 art contests lately, and really enjoyed that! What amazing talents some people have, the diversity of creative expression out there never fails to floor me.

My art page on Facebook is probably where i spend most of my time, this is where i get to interact with everyone and thats what I love. I guess its like a daily art blog where I can connect more easily with people.

ok, better go sort out something for dinner, take care, love to all. x