Almost there…..

continuing on from the 2nd ‘heart I would never paint’*rolls eyes @ self*, here is the second attempt at something that I would still call abstract, but a tad more commercial. 

Surprisingly, Im actually LIKING my heART yet again! *falls over in a shocked heap* Its not finished, but Im almost there, I can feel it, Im also quite happy with my ribbons-never done them before. 

Its really quite strangely satisfying to be painting this sort of thing, I really thought it would never ever happen, but Im so pleased I decided to investigate this avenue. 🙂

Have about 6 pieces on the go at the moment, and they are all quite different from each other, the separate entirely different aspects of me are definitely being expressed, no two ways about it.

My moon (featured in previous post) is beckoning me everyday, but i want to be certain about the next step on that one….so just waiting for my moment. Then i will need a clear path, good music & glass of gwertz. 🙂

© Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

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