‘Heart, Soul, Whole’, & Cool bags I made………

Made these AWESOME bags in Zazzle with my Hibiscus Dream painting… cant belive how good they look… just loaded them up and sold one within hours! (and a cushion/pillow of the same design 🙂   If you want a peek, go here: http://www.zazzle.com/hibiscus_dream_rickshaw_messenger_bag-210306275512449984

ok, what else?? …..  Im allowed to keep y’all up to date pic-wise with my latest commissioned piece, (it WAS going to be a surprise, but she asked to see a progress shot, curiosity got the better of her 🙂 love it)…. the specs were, a triptych, each panel 10″ x 30″ (so overall size of 30″ x 30″) and the words, heart, soul & whole, were to go on a panel each. Im all but finished it, not quite, …. it was a remarkably easy and quick process, I knew which style of my paintings she liked so the design and colors just came. I wanted to make sure the panels were able to be separted too, so when i was designing it I made sure of that. I LOVE the colours in this one, they make my heart sing… all my faves bundled into one.

its about 70% done here… and today I painted the text on it, and it looks fab, ill post an updated shot when its finished. Something about this piece im really connected with, not ‘to‘, with.  Im not emotionally attached to this at all, its like being a surrogate mother, you always know its going elsewhere, but the birthing process still requires a connection. But in a detached way, it certainly does something for me when i am creating it and viewing it. A really contented smile is all I can think of to describe it. NOT smug, NOT proud, just content, peaceful.

WELL! that was deep huh???!!! LOL!!

what else? oh yes! I made (online) cushions to sell with my Hibiscus dream finished piece! this one:

©Reina Cottier Art Hibiscus Dream

Zazzle now make VERY cool cushions, see top right of my blog page for a pic of it! I think it looks awesome as a cushion…now here’s hoping Zazzle deliver as good as the pic! I have already sold 2, only posted it for sale 3 days ago!

and this is nearly done too…

loads more things happening in the pipeline, but will have to be in another blog entry now, or I’ll be here all night!

take care, talk soon…Reina.x

4 thoughts on “‘Heart, Soul, Whole’, & Cool bags I made………

  1. Reina! Love your work! – Found U on ArtproMotivate. Wow, you are really a prolific Artist! I’m just starting out on my website, to sell painted pet portraits. Would love to start a Blog like this-but don’t know how to do it- Are there instructions somewhere so I can learn the techie stuff.? Any suggestions on how I can get my work out there? – Cathy

    1. HI there Cathy! great to connect with you. 🙂 my blog set up with trial and error lol., i knew nothing, I used the FAQ section and also the search bar for anything i needed to know. There is a massive section here telling you how to do everything, its really good, very clear instructions, I found it excellent.
      Getting your work out there? So many ways, but I used social media, FB, website, blog, and other various sites with my art on them, and then linked them all up, I made sure all the tags on the sites were relevant to my art so people could find me and my art easily, and contact me easily. FB is by far the best for sales, even if they end up going to another site of mine, most originates from my FB art page.
      My personal email is reinacottier@gmail.com if you want to chat some more about it all, im happy to.
      Have a great day! xx

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