Marching on…


When it is overcast outside and my studio seems a little dull and dark,i have this amazing industrial light that my partner put up for me,

its fantastic,  so light and bright and perfect for varnishing, can see any imperfections immediately.


so these three are what I have been working on for the last week or so,

really enjoying the bright clearness of summer that gets into my bones and reflects in my art……..

all in progress :




All images (c) Reina Cottier Art 2013

and last but not least, some more Reina inspirations:


4 thoughts on “Marching on…

  1. The colors you use are enough to light up the darkest days Reina…They are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the world. Have a great week ahead. Spring is on the way! Blessings….VK

  2. oh I love your beautiful comments! thanks so much! xxx
    Spring for you, Autumn for us- and im looking forward to it too, we need rain desperately.
    You have a wonderful week too… xxxxx

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