Tribal Goddess Series

Goddess #3

©Reina Cottier Art 2014

I never know if one painting is going to become a series, until its finished and I feel there is something else inside of me.

This was the case with this series of lovelies.

They emerged / revealed themselves to me over the last couple of months, its been a total pleasure

Tribal Moon Goddess

©Reina Cottier Art 2014

Healing Goddess final sig

©Reina Cottier Art 2014

there are a couple more in progress, I will load them up when they are finished.

EDIT: added pic

Moon Goddess

4 thoughts on “Tribal Goddess Series

  1. Beautiful Reina….They really are gorgeous. You crank ’em out pretty fast it seems. I envy your talent. You express it so well. BTW, love that new photo of you. You are the goddess my dear! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing….VK ❤

    1. 🙂 !!! THANK YOU!! so kind 🙂 yes i have about 6-8 painitngs on the go at once, so often am completing 2-3 a week. Depends on commissions and other stuff.
      I am so blessed, truly LOVE what I do. *happy dance* 🙂

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