Whale / Tohora Commission 

This is a commission for a friend. Ive painted loads of whales, but decided to change the angle of this, I wanted it to more dramatic. I akso, for the first tine am using acrlic markers for some of the detailing , certainly alot faster than brush & ink.
Really happy how it’s progressing so far 🙂

Acrylics, Inks, Acrylic markers.
©Reina Cottier Art img_1840

2 thoughts on “Whale / Tohora Commission 

  1. Looks magnificent to me even unfinished! Great stuff Reina. Seems that everything is taking off for you since I first started coming by. I think its wonderful! Have a great weekend….VK 🙂

    1. hi 🙂 thank you! yes, im evolving at a rate of knots, lol.. its such a fun ride, even i dont really know whats goinf on , but i turn up to my studio, start painting and wait to see 🙂 xx thanks for your ongoing support, means alot XXX

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