Multi tasking again

2 unfinished works in progress, started this one yesterday:

this is the background, im LOVING the colours, feel like i could dive right in there. 🙂 Really inspired by the sun at the moment, the colours, the energy, the feel of it, and I have always had a major love affair with water, any type of water, so… this one will be nurtured and adored and cherished for a while and we will see where that takes me, as usual hardly any plan to speak of, just go with the flow and the feelings that are conjured up.

and this:

im about half way thru, … been through a few stages with this one, started off with great gusto, gesso thrown with abandon onto the canvas, and lots of scraping and swirling…. then it all came to a grinding halt, for weeks, now im back into it with a passion, needed to connect the top and bottom of it, it was really disconnected before and i wasn’t sure what was required, started again yesterday and it seems, for the time being, to be flowing along, feels good.

Other than that, I have taken to photography a little and really enjoying it!

My calendar of my word art for 2012 is up and running online,opened a Zazzle store and am having a ball creating all sorts of things from shoes, to iphone/ipad covers to key chains/rings and necklaces, another outlet for the creativity, what could be better than that!

10 thoughts on “Multi tasking again

  1. I love these pieces! You have such a talent for balancing warm & cool colors to make art that pops. I know the pieces are flat but the swirls & curves carry me through the pieces with a real sense of movement… like a wonderful, sensual, spiritual rollercoaster.

  2. hi everyone and thanks so much! love the feedback.

    River, colour is my inspiration, nearly 100% 🙂

    “Elemental beauty”! Deshipley i love that! might have to steal that for the title of the piece? would that be alright?

    Puresusan, omg, this:
    ..”swirls & curves carry me through the pieces with a real sense of movement… like a wonderful, sensual, spiritual rollercoaster.”
    you are on my wavelength! (s’cuse the pun! lol)
    This is exactly what i envisage/feel myself when i view my work….so its awesome to have another feel the same, you worded it so succinctly, thx!

  3. Love both of the paintings Reina! I’ve been thinking about setting up a store with zazzle, I have some pencil sketches of antique cars that I think would make great note cards, but I am fighting with my inner critic…. one of these days I will win the battle. 😉

    1. sorry Deb, never saw this comment, WP is hiding them publically until I see them in my dashboard & respond…weird. Zazzle is GREAT and strange. Sounds like they WOULD make great note cards, give it a go. I haven’t marketed my Z shop as I probably shouold, too many other things going on, (as usual haha), but i made a cross range of stuff. Id love to see your sketches!

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