no sleep…

ugh, loathe that. When you feel all uber creative, ideas coming left right and centre and its 1am, you should be asleep for soooooo many reasons, the LEAST of which Miss 5 gets up at the crack of dawn an Miss 7 is not far behind her, also was unusually sick (like REALLY) sick-flu symptoms- yesterday so my body needed to heal…. but no…. nup…. as soon as the light went out, eyes shut, a plethora of creative visions streamed into my head, bursting…arrghh! This is not unusual and at first it was wonderful, after 5 years of being ‘with child/near child/helping child(s)/making sure child(s) doesn’t kill itself on that sharp knife/scissors/edge of stair etc’, I was FINALLY able to be a BIT free to create/design, dream, and actually get some sort of RESULT- HORRAY!!!! But a year on and Im OVER IT. Ok, bleet finished, as you were.

NOW,,, as a result of last nights brain surge, (finally dropped off after 3am *YAWN* ) today I started this, as just a way of getting SOMETHING out of my head, to create some space….

ok, so obviously the white bits are NOT going to be white. 🙂 I have temporarily painted my basic shapes this colour over the deep purple, so my finished colours look brighter. Im going to use alot of different colours and shades & shading. The colours you DO see there are slapped on, and in no way ‘finished’. I like to get a basic overall look n feel of it before i go back in for the detail part. And ther eis going to be alot more detail, all over, this is just the very basic outline, the start of something that will develop over time.

Have to say it feel DAM GOOD TO GET THAT OUT! lol!

4 thoughts on “no sleep…

  1. Oh, I can completely relate to what you are talking about… but most of the time, it’s more of a I loose track of time and am up until the wee hours of the morning working on a painting… like now, it’s almost mid-night for me, and I just have to get a layer of gesso on this board before I go to bed… like it really couldn’t wait until the morning… nope it can’t! 😉

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