Meditation Series 2020

I started meditating in March 2020. Not long after I started, (literally days,)
I started painting this series,
and seems as though I cant paint anything else
until this is out of my system.

At this stage of my art journey, I am very happy to go with the flow and allow what wants to be without trying to over commit to creating anything, or any subject, or go with something that is not flowing happily.
In other words, Im in a space of total allowance these days… only that which brings me joy or not at all. 🙂

Most of these have sold, but there are a couple available,
if interested, please use the Contact button in Menu and message me details.



Reina Cottier Art ~ STUDIO / GALLERY

My Studio / Gallery is in Tairua,
Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.

I am more than happy to have visitors, meet &
view my artworks.

I have available:

original artworks,
guidance cards,
colouring books,
greeting cards 

& more.

If you are in the area, or know you are coming and would like to see what I have on offer, please either contact me here using the Contact fForm below,
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and  we can set up a time.


Reina Cottier Art Workshops

Inner Goddess

Inner Goddess One  sig 1000

Every now and then I have what I call a ‘shift’ in my creative expression
This was one of them 🙂 This magical goddess appeared suddenly while I was fluffing around with mixed media, having my usual fun, music blasting, half dancing, swaying around the studio… boom, there she was 🙂 !!

Wow i thought… this is something I really resonate with, something I can get VERY excited about. I knew she was going to be the first in a series… the ‘Inner Goddes’ series, number One.
How very satisfying.

She is availbale for purchase Please message me if interested.


and oh, the usual shenannagins going on over at my FB page if you’d like to join me there 🙂

©Reina Cottier Art

Colouring Book- 23 Pages

Colouring Book- 23 pages, combines my books One & Two, with 3 NEW images.
Falcon, Kiwi and my Maori/pacifica inspired design, Legend.
Beautiful images with a distinct Pacific/Native/Cultural art feel to them.
Each image taken from my original paintings.
23 Images.
A4 size.
Each page has a blank reverse side, so can be removed from book and displayed if desired.
Images include: various NZ/pacific island inspireddesigns, falcon, kiwi, seahorse, lotus, angel,2 x owl, peacock, dolphin, elephant, whale, tui bird, tribal moon goddess, hibiscus. -scroll thru pics to see them all.
All Original Designs by Reina Cottier.
All images are ©Reina Cottier Art. All rights reserved.



Cover Final



Reina Cottier Art Colouring Book. Series One

Reina Cottier Art Colouring Book. Series. One

collage for promo 4

collage for promo 1

collage for promo 2

collage for promo 5



no sleep…

ugh, loathe that. When you feel all uber creative, ideas coming left right and centre and its 1am, you should be asleep for soooooo many reasons, the LEAST of which Miss 5 gets up at the crack of dawn an Miss 7 is not far behind her, also was unusually sick (like REALLY) sick-flu symptoms- yesterday so my body needed to heal…. but no…. nup…. as soon as the light went out, eyes shut, a plethora of creative visions streamed into my head, bursting…arrghh! This is not unusual and at first it was wonderful, after 5 years of being ‘with child/near child/helping child(s)/making sure child(s) doesn’t kill itself on that sharp knife/scissors/edge of stair etc’, I was FINALLY able to be a BIT free to create/design, dream, and actually get some sort of RESULT- HORRAY!!!! But a year on and Im OVER IT. Ok, bleet finished, as you were.

NOW,,, as a result of last nights brain surge, (finally dropped off after 3am *YAWN* ) today I started this, as just a way of getting SOMETHING out of my head, to create some space….

ok, so obviously the white bits are NOT going to be white. 🙂 I have temporarily painted my basic shapes this colour over the deep purple, so my finished colours look brighter. Im going to use alot of different colours and shades & shading. The colours you DO see there are slapped on, and in no way ‘finished’. I like to get a basic overall look n feel of it before i go back in for the detail part. And ther eis going to be alot more detail, all over, this is just the very basic outline, the start of something that will develop over time.

Have to say it feel DAM GOOD TO GET THAT OUT! lol!


Acrylic on Canvas -© Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

When I did the background for this one, I knew I was thinking about the lower chakras, and the corresponding colours (above), intuitively I drew with pencil initially, the flowing cord shape you see, and it was a very simple and quick process, painting it all in took a little longer, but i loved the result, and it made me feel enriched, warm and full of life flow. Also a type of portal opens up with the yellow and the circle around it…. the ‘light’.

I was very reluctant to put this one up for sale, i was definitely emotionally attached to it, but i got over that reasonably quickly LOL! and its definitely for sale now.