Contest I have entered….

two hours to go, and im currently leading with this pic…

Kundalini. Acrylic on canvas by Reina Cottier. ©Reina Cottier Art. 2011.

If you like this painting of mine and would like to vote for me, please go to the link below, many thanks…. 🙂



Acrylic on Canvas -© Reina Cottier and Reina Cottier NZ Artist, 2011.

When I did the background for this one, I knew I was thinking about the lower chakras, and the corresponding colours (above), intuitively I drew with pencil initially, the flowing cord shape you see, and it was a very simple and quick process, painting it all in took a little longer, but i loved the result, and it made me feel enriched, warm and full of life flow. Also a type of portal opens up with the yellow and the circle around it…. the ‘light’.

I was very reluctant to put this one up for sale, i was definitely emotionally attached to it, but i got over that reasonably quickly LOL! and its definitely for sale now.