Eclipse series :)

I decided to go back to some ‘Reina basics’ for a breather a few weeks ago and re visit some unfinished ideas rattling round the recess’s of my being….  I wanted/needed something simple , so on a whim, produced this:

(c) Reina Cottier Art 2012

It sold within 10 mins of posting it up, 🙂  so that was very pleasing indeed, …

I then got on a roll, and produced 2 more, calling it the ‘Eclipse Series’.

(c) Reina Cottier Art 2012

(c) Reina Cottier Art 2012

 Each peice took about half an hour to produce,  considering I am a ‘speed of light’ type of gal, these types of creations are immensely satisfying for me… of course, I then had to go back to some ‘fiddly work’ (Gemini moment), but thats ok,.. all Reina’s aspects must come out to play regularly.

I have some more pieces to post up, but running out of time here,…so another post later on this afternoon I think.

Ciao for now. x

6 thoughts on “Eclipse series :)

  1. Moon! I love the moon. ^.^ I think your third’s my fave of the bunch; there’s a depth to the crescent that I like — really makes it leap from the background.

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