June Update…

June 9th 2013

Hi  all! 🙂


My artwork has been featured alongside 19 other artists in this recent artpromotivate article:
20 Colorful Abstract Paintings for Inspiration… click on the link below for a look:



I have been working on this piece below for a while, and Im not sure about it at all, slow progress is foreign to me and I would love to just paint over it, my rule of thumb in general is that if its not flowing fast, forget it, but there is a small niggle,,,, keep going, its going to be ok lol… so I am 🙂

June 12

this one is finished and sold… its off to Australia. …

photo9823749 (c) Reina Cottier Art.

I think Im coming to the end of my Shades of White series, well I mean my obsession with it, there is ALWAYS a few more that sneak out when I least expect it, but I feel another phase morphing its way over me and Ill been keen to see what happens next week in the studio! 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!


4 thoughts on “June Update…

  1. Just because I truly believe that proper accolades are do and in the most professional painter to painter way, I have a huge crush on your artwork!!
    Truly beautiful work, it sooths my ravenous mind which atypically is impossible to do.
    So Bravo to you and your fine work.

    1. hi Benjamin, 🙂 🙂 🙂 well, I’m honored! truly, thats awesome and thanks so very much – so appreciate your feedback and how my art makes you feel. Hope you have a great day! x

      1. Hi, sorry to be so over zealous, I am after all very tactfully spontaneous 🙂
        I hope the day treats you well.

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