Whales & Dolphins

I succumbed, and finally painted a dolphin. 🙂 ‘Reina Style’ of course 🙂

Here is the result, the hardest part was getting the shape of the dolphin right, I had about 4 goes at it

until I was satisfied it looked right (in perspective).  The rest was easy, so much fun, like coloring in when you were a kid!

dolphin©Reina Cottier Art 2014

SImilar thing with the whales below, getting the shape right was the most important thing and what I

focussed on. After that, it just flowed……

whale 2 (1)©Reina Cottier Art 2013


Whale500 x 200  final-sig©Reina Cottier art 2014

 I have a 3rd whale on the go, a commission, and perhaps there is another dolphin inside me somewhere…?

as usual, you can contact me at: reinacottier@gmail,com if there are any queries. 🙂

Tis all for now… bye. x

8 thoughts on “Whales & Dolphins

  1. Ooohhhh….Love ’em Reina….Great job. Glad to see you break out into new creations. Keep at it. Excellent stuff. Did they ask to be painted or what was it that got you going in that direction? VK

    1. hi lovely 🙂 thank you! hmm, well i think indirectly they did ask 🙂 one of my facebook art page fansfriends said “have you ever thought of painting a whale” and it was like a big *PING* in my brain. After these i thnk Im gong to try other creatures, ,, manta ray, sea turtle….let see where this takes me.

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