Another Large Commission to the Bahamas

This 4 piece painting , 2m x 2m is off to the Bahamas once done.

Each panel is 1m square.

My buyers live on a canal , and wanted all the colours of the water and sky. Their inspiration was my ‘Legend’ series.

I’m using acrylics and inks, and am about 3/4 way through at this point.

7 thoughts on “Another Large Commission to the Bahamas

  1. These are lovely pictures. And the commissions are great. The art really captured my attention. I love the expression and blend of colors and the touch of contemporary art. It’s just beautiful.

  2. Angie Lazza is my daughter’s icon. She admires her, love her works and is always recreating anyone she comes across. She could sit for hours analyzing her painting and trying to make something out of it. I so wish she could meet her in person and show her all she has painted. Angie Lazza is really very inspiring and a lot of people look up to her for motivation.

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