Paintings Available for Purchase


I am currently working on a huge commission, for the internal stairwell of a 4 story office block. This means I have very little original (paintings) artwork available for sale at the moment. This contract will take me to around May/June 2017. After that I will start painting canvas’s for purchase again. Pls check back, or contact me incase I have something in the studio not posted here.

Hi there ,
You can almost guarantee there is way more available than what is posted here.
I paint so quickly, that sometimes I can update here to keep up with myself lol!
Below are pics of some of whats available….

For everything available, works in progress, any inquiries, or
size and purchase price & shipping,
email me at:

(I ship wordwide)

‘River of Gold’
76cm x 38cm (30″ x 15″)
Acrylic & Ink on Canvas, stretched over a wooden frame.
Ready to hang.