Tribal, Koru


©Reina Cottier Art.All rights reserved

(c) Reina Cottier Art. 2012


I also continued on with my’ TRIBAL’ series,  which I LOVE doing…

as always there is very little planning with any of my paintings, they are all just go with the flow, most of the time I have no idea what the final result will look like and I just play it out as it evolves.

IF i try to plan something it never flows & I often end up leaving it for months before it is finished.

I am currently working on a mix of both, tribal and sun/surf, and its really exciting for me,..

seeing all my styles coming together like a story intertwining.


3 thoughts on “Tribal, Koru

  1. As always, your art is such a joy to take in…It is interesting how you stay with certain colors and shapes until they pass through you. Lucky for us! Blessings…VK

  2. hi! yes, its like it consumes me and i have to literally get it out of my system before i can move on, or forward….even then, i drag some of it with me, i guess thats inevitable. 🙂 THANKS so much for your beautiful thoughts, sooooo appreciated. 🙂 xxxxx

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