Video Demo- A day in my studio

I video’s most of my days painting yesterday, edited it into a 10 minute ,easy to watch video, if you are interested in my process, then take a look 🙂

Staedtler & NZ Artist Magazine Colouring Demo

Staedtler & NZ Artist Magazine approached me and asked if I could design an image & do a colouring demonstration to be published in an issue of New Zealand Artist Magazine, as a colouring competition for its readers.

At first it was a bit nerve racking, I mean colouring? is that my thing? Im a painter…aren’t I? lol… well it all turned out ok.  (see pic).
I used my Karearea (NZ Falcon design) and took my time to color it, no plan, just went with what I felt would look good. I was actually thrilled with how it turned out considering my initial caution.

Along with the demo is an opportunity for NZ people to enter a competition to win Staedtler products and a copy of my new colouring book, which is 23 pages… a combo of both my books one and two with 3 new images.

This was all published in this months (MArch/April) issue of NZ Artist MAgazine.

Staedtler Demo 1

Staedtler demo 2Staedtler demo 3Staedtler demo 4Reina Cottier Art NZ Falcon

You Tube:

OCD with stencils & 3rd place in the kids comp…

hi everyone! 🙂

well, as the title says, Ive gone a bit crazy with the stencil thang. 🙂 Discovered scrap booking aisle (never scrapbooked in my life- well actually, I was doing all that with my photo albums WAYYYYY back, like in the 80’s & 90’s -you should see my Europe trip album its a masterpiece creatively!-before anyone ever marketed the idea with paraphenalia to sell with it!) at our local Warehouse store and flipped out! omg, sooooooooooooo good for art, the stencils are negatives but i dont care, in fact i like it….. bought one for a whole $1.99 *GASPS* and boy, hours & hours of creative pleasure!

Ready? (these are experiments, some unfinished, some maybe finished, not sure….)

and finally the piece de resistance!…………..

©Reina Cottier Art. 2011.

LOVE this! love, need, want more stencils! SO, going to make my own. *satisfied grin*.

Did a bit more on this one below, which im finding really cathartic… work on it bit by bit, its my ‘inbetween paintings’ painting.

And finally, I got 3rd place in an online art competition, called ‘For Children’- title speaks for itself really, with this:

©Reina Cottier Art. 2011

really special for me, because this was one of the ones I did for my daughters, alot of love went into it.