Collage & Ink Elephant

I absolutely love using collage in some of my latest work.

Collage & ink on canvas.

This style suits itself perfectly to my elephants and butterflies.

Here is an elephant in progress, this is the second in s series of 3 so far. 🙂

                                                                        ©Reina Cottier Art.

Its all on!……..

Busy week!

FINALLY finished this painting! (sorry about the lack of quality of this shot)…..

©Reina Cottier 2012

Really pleased with this, took aaaaaaaaages, lordy- intially i was going to do alot more detail but as it evolved i realised it didn’t need it and would make the flower too ‘odd’ looking in context with the rest of the painting, so ALL GOOD for me because I had already put a lot of time (not something I am familiar with HAHA) into it and was ready to end it!

So its currently a very industrious (creatively) time for me! I am in the middle of two commissions, both very similar yet entirely different. One, a triptych,  is for a lovely lady, three words-one on each panel- cant say much cos its a surprise result, but its really beautiful already and I know she will love it- sound cocky? probably, but I dont care,… i know her well enough to know she will be thrilled.

The other, is for my Uncle in Sydney- Australia, its for his boardroom, also a triptych- 3 words- one on each panel, with his company words/logo on it. Not the type of thing I have done before, but he loves my art, so im not too concerned. Im going to use the company colors of black and antique gold, and introduce a third color, probably a deep rich indigo. When I have completed that, he wants me to paint something for his apartment… so Im really excited about that! He is like my honorary father (my dad passed away 3 years ago) so we are really close. Im thinking about going to Sydney to hand deliver and stay a few night for a much needed catch up with him. 🙂

Other news? sold 2 paintings this week! Funny how everything comes in fits and starts, nothing for a bit, then bang! lots of commissions, sales and other productive stuff.  One is new only finished it recently, …..the other is an oldy that I love, but had very little interest, it just kind of sat there being all confidently quiet and looking lovely, and suddenly, “OMG I LOVE THAT REINA!” and its gone. 🙂

I have also just had 4 paintings put in a gorgeous busy little gallery in Tairua, a beautiful seaside town in NZ, where I spent all my holidays from about 12 years old onwards. I have a friend who works there and she took the paintings down the other day. I feel like its the perfect style gallery for my art, beachy, relaxed, oceania, yep, very pleased indeed. *nods and smiles*.

So in between art, hairdressing clients (I do hairdressing from home part time), mother, lover, friend, daughter & sister (my mum & sis love across the road), .. Im not having alot of down time right now, but im not complaining, love my life!!

have a great weekend friends!!!

much love, Reina.x

OCD with stencils & 3rd place in the kids comp…

hi everyone! 🙂

well, as the title says, Ive gone a bit crazy with the stencil thang. 🙂 Discovered scrap booking aisle (never scrapbooked in my life- well actually, I was doing all that with my photo albums WAYYYYY back, like in the 80’s & 90’s -you should see my Europe trip album its a masterpiece creatively!-before anyone ever marketed the idea with paraphenalia to sell with it!) at our local Warehouse store and flipped out! omg, sooooooooooooo good for art, the stencils are negatives but i dont care, in fact i like it….. bought one for a whole $1.99 *GASPS* and boy, hours & hours of creative pleasure!

Ready? (these are experiments, some unfinished, some maybe finished, not sure….)

and finally the piece de resistance!…………..

©Reina Cottier Art. 2011.

LOVE this! love, need, want more stencils! SO, going to make my own. *satisfied grin*.

Did a bit more on this one below, which im finding really cathartic… work on it bit by bit, its my ‘inbetween paintings’ painting.

And finally, I got 3rd place in an online art competition, called ‘For Children’- title speaks for itself really, with this:

©Reina Cottier Art. 2011

really special for me, because this was one of the ones I did for my daughters, alot of love went into it.



Gallery Feature & other creative obsessions released….

Hi all! Ok, so whats been happening, let me think…

I started and finished a painting in lightening speed last week, the whole thing fromm go to woe (not incl drying time) was about 3 hours. I had a vision, and aside from a few “OMG that looks so wrong”! moments, which were quickly painted over, it was a rather smooth enjoyable process. I got it in my head last week that i wanted to paint an eye…bordered on obsession actually, I was sketching eyes in my sketch book at midnight one night and knew i had to paint it the next day, the eye was created rather quickly with no real hassles, then i knew i wanted some korus (spirals-we call them korus here in New Zealand, its a Maori word) underneath it, and I also knew i wanted some circular somethings around it, …. that was the loose plan, and it all just had to unfold.

So here it is… apart from edges and varnish, its done. Im calling it: “Eye Catching”

©Reina Cottier. 2011

Oh, and then i had a huge ‘hippy-love-peace-flowerpower’ moment (I have them often, im a beach surf paisley girl from wayyyyy back!), and in a flurry of ‘F the housework I want to paint today!’ (the house is a total tip but i dont care), I decided NEEDED to do fiddly detail amongst a carnival of colour. ….. so sat down with a fresh canvas and started  this (minus the detail of dots and such) in about an hour (Ive never been able to do ANYTHING slowly, its just not part of my make-up), its all or nothing.

so its obiously not finished, no where near, but i needed to add some detail to get a feel for where it was all going and the overall result, once Id done that, i could then see parts clearly where i needed to change the colour, (hence the big white out bottom left, that was green, now going to be orange, and im going to stencil in some patterns over it). Loving the summery feel (its summer here at last!!), and how light and bright it is. 🙂


Still working on this… really enjoying this one… 🙂


and experimenting with stencils (a grill from our old fireplace guard) around the edges of this….


so yes, been productive artistically, , housework has suffered, dont really care….. there is a very fine line between having my own needs met (creatively) and meeting those of a mother, partner, etc etc. Im a better person if i walk that line with putting myself slightly first.  Im happier, calmer, and well, lets face it, nicer all round!

Oh yes! lastly, I was featured in the Together Arts website gallery for this month, here’s the link if you are interested:  (sorry not sure how to load up a link properly).

bye for now, have a great weekend! 🙂